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Time Management

It may seem strange at first, but Time Management is also an essential business skill. None of us have more than 1440 minutes in a day, and how we manage those minutes makes all the difference between business success, mediocre business success or business failure.

Few people are good at time management, and several recent surveys have concluded that most people in business use time management so badly that they waste approximately 74% of their working day doing things that do not contribute to the success of their business.

Bruce King has been coaching business owners and their teams to improve their time management strategies for over 25 years. The result is a signficiant increase in efficiency and profitability and he brings this expertise to you on The Rainmakers platform.

Bruce's time management coaching includes a simple and brilliant exercise on how to identify where time is being wasted and how to avoid it, and several other critical time management strategies to enable you too to become more efficient and more profitable in your business.

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Some of the tutorials you'll have access to inside The Rainmakers:

Time Management
Don't focus on distractions
Time Management
Punctuality is the thief of time
Time Management
How much time do you waste?
Time Management
Do the things you fear most first
Time Management
Only ever do one thing at a time
Time Management
The ISWAT time management technique
Time Management
Are you an emailoholic?
Time Management
The first 30 minutes of each day
Time Management
Four things you should make the time to say every day

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