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Sales & Marketing

Learn from the best

Grow your business with the help of the world's most respected experts in Sales & Marketing.

The team of Rainmakers share their secrets of success to small business owners who want to pack a punch with their sales and marketing.

Tap into their secrets, skills and experience, and watch your customers, sales and profits grow.

The Rainmakers Club is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the very best in the world of sales & marketing.


The Rainmakers

If you're running a business…

You almost certainly know that one of the hardest things to get to grips with is Sales and Marketing. Operating the business is usually relatively easy - after all, that's what you're great at.

But getting a constant stream of new business is the toughest part.

Let's face it, Sales and Marketing is a huge subject, and you're probably already aware how much time and effort it can take to win new customers and grow your sales.

We know - because we've already been there, so we created The Rainmakers Club to give you all the essential sales & marketing skills and business growth strategies you need to attract more business and close more sales, faster, more easily, more effectively and more profitably.

It's the only club we're aware of that gives you ALL these skills under one umbrella. No more searching for expensive online courses. No more trawling through Amazon to find a book. And no more dodgy techniques from equally-dodgy 'experts' who are just rehashing skills they learned 10 minutes ago.

Chris Haycock and Bruce King, two highly respected experts in sales, marketing and business growth strategies, with more than 40 years of experience between them, joined forces to create the Rainmakers Club and share with you the POWERFUL skills you need for you to achieve great success, whatever success means to you.

Think of us as the Netflix™ of sales and marketing training. But we are much more than a few hundred video tutorials.

YES! There is so much more in here for you, so take your time and look around before you decide to join us in The Rainmakers Club.

Meet your Rainmaker Mentors

Get immediate access to help from The Rainmaker Expert mentors:

Start winning more business

Here to help you succeed

Once you've joined The Rainmakers Club, you get access to hundreds of in-depth video tutorials, updated regularly, teaching you everything you need to know about Sales & Marketing delivered by esteemed experts Chris Haycock, Bruce King and guest experts.

The Rainmakers Club was designed to pass on our secrets to success. So, along with our video tutorials, you'll get access to books, growth strategies, resource directories, tools, downloads, swipe files, worksheets, marketing templates, ad creators and so much more, to help your business make more profit from your sales & marketing campaigns.

WARNING - effort required

You've seen so much hype on the Internet.

You've got sales and marketing gurus that try to hook you in with "follow these three steps and you'll be flooded with sales". Others will try to sell you their £5k course on copywriting, promising that it will turn your business around.

Then there are the "click here and all your problems will be solved" experts who have watched a YouTube video and feel like they're now qualified to teach you how to grow your business.

Some of our video and other tutorials will almost certainly have an immediate impact on your ability to do more business right away. But this is not a club to discover the secrets of overnight success.

We know overnight success is as rare as unicorn poo.

But if you're willing to dive in, soak up the knowledge available to you in The Rainmakers, and are willing to TAKE ACTION to put into place what you learn, then The Rainmakers will take you towards your goals, your dreams, and your destination.

We're not saying it's going to be an easy ride. But then success has never been easy. If you're willing to become like a sponge, then come on in.

Cancel any time

Even though we're confident your business will benefit massively, we don't tie you in. You can cancel your subscription any time without reason.

Who is The Rainmakers Club for?

The Rainmakers isn't for everyone.

We listened to (and researched) the concerns of hundreds of business owners - from CEOs of multi-national companies to small one-man-bands.

Bruce and I have talked for hours on end who would benefit the most from our expertise, and we decided to concentrate our efforts into helping small business owners find the success they deserve.

Unlike the large corporations we consult to, small, micro businesses just cannot afford our 1:1 consultancy fees and we believe you deserve all the help you can get.

Our tutorials, resources and tools have all been designed specifically to help small businesses like yours who are desperate to learn, grow and prosper from effective sales & marketing training.

Perhaps you're a solopreneur who's going it alone. Or maybe you have a small team of staff who are helping you to achieve your goals.

The Rainmakers was built for YOU.

Get immediate access to videos, tools and resources from resident experts Chris Haycock, Bruce King and guests.


The Rainmakers Heroes