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The Rainmakers


powerful sales & marketing skills that will double, triple or quadruple your profits.

Join the world's most extensive Sales & Marketing club and become your very own superhero.

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The Rainmakers

Two respected experts in sales & marketing have joined forces to share with you POWERFUL skills you need for your business to succeed.

Welcome to The Rainmakers. Think of us as the Netflix™ of sales and marketing training.

If you are running a business with revenue between £10,000 and £1 million, and are looking for inspiration, insights, lessons learnt, resources and growth strategies from down to earth, relatable business people, then The Rainmakers Club is for you.

Rather than hiring an expensive mentor, you can learn from MULTIPLE mentors for a lot less than the price of one!


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Start winning today

Get immediate access to all these Sales & Marketing tutorials, downloads, resources, tools and much more from resident experts Chris Haycock, Bruce King and guests.


Video Tutorials

In-depth video tutorials delivered by esteemed experts Chris Haycock, Bruce King and guest experts, designed to help your business succeed.

Guest Experts

Successful business owners and experts share their sales & marketing tips and techniques with you to win new customers and boost sales.

Essential Resources

Growth strategies, tools, downloads, quizzes and worksheets to help your business make more profit from sales & marketing campaigns.


Masterclass 'Thunderbolts' for running successful sales and marketing campaigns that are designed to grow your business massively.

What critical skills do most business owners wish they were so much better at?

Sales & Marketing skills

Skills that last a lifetime


If you're running a business, you'll know that one of the hardest things to get to grips with is sales and marketing. Operating the business is usually relatively easy - after all, that's what you're great at.

But getting a constant stream of new business is the toughest part.

We know how tricky it can be, so we've joined forces to bring you a brand new club that will give you all the essential sales & marketing skills you need for your business to attract and close more sales, faster, more easily, more effectively and more profitably.

It's the only club we're aware of that gives you ALL these skills under one umbrella. No more searching for expensive online courses. No more trawling through Amazon to find a book. And no more dodgy techniques from equally-dodgy "experts" who are just rehashing skills they learned 10 minutes ago.

Ready to excel at Sales & Marketing?

With more than 40 years experience under our belts, we're not too shy to say that we're at the top of our game.

We've both built our own successful businesses, and we've helped hundreds of people grow theirs too. That's what we're best at.

We want to share this knowledge, skills and strategies with you, so you can put them to use and grow your business too.

Bruce and Chris have real-world experience in sales & marketing, and we would love the chance to show you how The Rainmakers will revolutionise the way you do business.

Imagine having the sales & marketing skills to double, triple or quadruple your turnover. We're confident that joining The Rainmakers will result in your business not just reaching its goals, but thriving and prospering too.

Watch, learn and prosper

Enhance sales and marketing skills with knowledge, techniques and tips designed to help boost your profits.

Social Media
When you really, really must invite Facebook likes
Growth Strategies
Change - or Suffer the Consequences
Digital Marketing
Tech getting in the way of your customers?

How we can help you achieve far greater success

Put all your disasters behind you, and join the revolution in sales & marketing training

Grow your skillset, grow your business


You can't build a business without having essential sales and marketing skills. If you're a small business owner with a fantastic idea or product, then the chances are that you don't have the skills required to market your products effectively to the right audience.

And you probably don't have the best possible sales skills to turn enquiries into customers that keep coming back for more - time and time again.

That's where The Rainmakers comes in. Our Club has been designed and coded from the ground up (no Wordpress, Teachable or Udemy templates here) for the purpose of passing on our skills TO YOU. With these skills, ANYTHING is possible.

Businessman Succeeding with The Rainmakers

Sales and Marketing are inextricably linked

One without the other is nowhere near as effective as a joint approach to gaining new business - and keeping that business. Any successful business owner will tell you those skills go hand-in-hand.

Between them, Bruce King and Chris Haycock have accumulated more than 40 years expertise in sales and marketing. We're here to help you fine tune your current skills, to develop new skills and strategies, and to help you achieve greater business success, whatever success means to you.


Make it rain for your business

When it comes to learning sales and marketing, Bruce and Chris have got you covered.


You've all heard the hype. You've got sales and marketing gurus that try to hook you in with "follow these three steps and you'll be flooded with sales". Others will try to sell you their £5k course on copywriting, promising that it will turn your business around. Then there are the "click here and all your problems will be solved" experts who have watched a YouTube video and feel like they're now qualified to teach you how to grow your business.

Before you know it, you've blown your budget on courses - and have little to show for it except an empty bank balance.

The Rainmakers is different. We want to fill up your bank balance, not take it away.



The Rainmakers isn't a one-trick-pony. It isn't just about building a sales funnel, a chatbot, or or a landing page.

The Rainmakers is the real deal. This is proper sales training. This is proper marketing training. It's not designed for people who just want a few quick solutions that rarely work. The Rainmakers is the whole package of sales and marketing training.

The Rainmakers isn't just a video platform. It's far more than that. As well as giving you video tutorials, we've got:

  • • In-depth guides
  • • Features
  • • Downloads
  • • Resources
  • • Special offers
  • • Thunderbolts

We teach you how to market your product. How to attract customers. How to position your brand for maximum effect. How to turn prospects into profit.

They're strategies that work in the real world, not one-off tactics.


The Rainmakers isn't for everyone.

We listened to (and researched) the concerns of hundreds of business owners - from CEOs of multi-national companies to small one-man-bands. Bruce and I have talked for hours on end who would benefit the most from our expertise, and we decided to concentrate our efforts into helping small business owners find the success they deserve.

Unlike the large corporations we consult to, small, micro businesses just cannot afford our 1:1 consultancy fees and we believe you deserve all the help you can get.

Our tutorials, resources and tools have all been designed specifically to help small businesses like yours who are desperate to learn, grow and prosper from effective sales & marketing training. Perhaps you're a solopreneur who's going it alone. Or maybe you have a small team of staff who are helping you to achieve your goals. The Rainmakers was built for YOU.


Some of our video and other tutorials will almost certainly have an immediate impact on your ability to do more business right away. But this is not a club to discover the secrets of overnight success.

We know overnight success is as rare as unicorn poo.

But if you're willing to dive in, soak up the knowledge from two renowned experts in their field (and guests), and are willing to TAKE ACTION to put into place what you learn, then The Rainmakers will take you towards your goals, your dreams, and your destination.

We're not saying it's going to be an easy ride. But then success has never been easy. If you're willing to become like a sponge, then come on in.


Meet The Rainmakers

Bruce, Chris and guest experts share with you their expertise - gained from decades of real-world experience in sales and marketing.


A training platform that you can trust.

Cancel any time

Even though we're confident your business will benefit, we don't tie you in.

Early access

Get early access to brand new tutorials, videos and tools that benefit your business.

Ad-Free Zone

You will never see a single advertisement in our club. That's a promise.

Proven Expertise

The Rainmakers have more than 40 years proven experience in sales & marketing.

Premium Support

We won't leave you in the lurch. Got a problem? We'll get things sorted right away.

Community Groups

Gain full access to our community groups to grow your business even further.


You too can become a Rainmaker for your business by learning powerful skills, techniques and strategies designed to help you smash through your business goals.

So come on in!

There's NO Membership Fee, NO credit card required and NO time limit to your Free Membership. You won't have access to everything in the Club, but you'll have access to more than enough to begin winning new customers, boosting your sales and increasing your profits.

See you on the inside!

Become a Rainmaker for your business

Frequently Asked Questions


There aren't any certificates awarded for completing tutorials, because much of what Bruce and Chris teach go way beyond standard curriculum levels. As you progress through The Rainmakers, you'll be assigned a score. For every segment of video watched, tutorial completed, or task finished, your Rainmakers score will increase, and you can opt in to our Hall of Fame, where we will award prizes and goodies to reward you for your efforts. The biggest prize, of course will be your bulging bank account.


No. You're free to cancel at any time. Whether you want to use The Rainmakers for a couple of months to brush up your skills, or carry on as part of our community indefinitely, that's completely up to you.


That'll never happen. Bruce and Chris will be recording and releasing new tutorials each month forever. Sales and marketing is a huge subject. We've got almost 5 decades of experience to share with you.


Bruce and Chris know that not everyone has the essential skills in Sales and Marketing to grow their business. So we built The Rainmakers - a platform where you can pick up valuable lessons, insights, tips, techniques and tools designed to help you pick up skills that every business owner needs.


Sales and marketing isn't just about watching videos, so we've included a whole host of other resources that accompany your membership, including downloads, white papers, cheatsheets, tools and guides.


No problem. Whilst we're confident that you'll pick up a massive array of sales & marketing skills whilst as a member of The Rainmakers, we understand that you may want to cancel. We offer a no-quibble guarantee that you can cancel your membership at any time - no questions asked. You can do this by simply cancelling your membership through our website. We promise we won't pester you.


Yes and no. Whilst you could use The Rainmakers as a course to learn sales and marketing, there's no specific curriculum to follow. Although you'll learn as much as (actually, much more than) a course, tutorials are split into categories, so you can dip in or out as much as you want at your own pace and leisure and focus on the topics you need the most help with at the time.