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Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are critical business and selling skills. The quality of your presentation skills are equally as important as the quality of the product or service you are presenting. Your presentation skills or lack of them will, to a large extent, determine your success or failure in securing new and profitable business.

Bruce King is our presentation skills expert on The Rainmakers platform and has been coaching business owners and their sales teams for over 25 years on sales presentation skills. The results are always a significant increase in the percentage of sales achieved and the profitability of those sales.

Sales presentation skills coaching on The Rainmakers Platform include the five things you absolutely must cover in a sales presentation, why sales scripts are essential to start with for a perfect sales presentation, and how to determine if you have made a great sales presentation - or have not.

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Some of the tutorials you'll have access to inside The Rainmakers:

Presentation Skills
How to really stand out when selling
Presentation Skills
Don't open meetings with small talk
Presentation Skills
How NOT to make a presentation
Presentation Skills
What you must assume
Presentation Skills
Don't be a smart-ass salesperson
Presentation Skills
How to overcome nerves when making a presentation
Presentation Skills
What you must cover in a sales presentation
Presentation Skills
Why scripts are essential to start with
Presentation Skills
How do you know when you have made a poor sales presentation

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