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Networking And Social Media

Many years ago, there were few places to go to for face to face business networking and online business networking did not exist. As for social media as we know it now, it did not exist either. How times have changed!

Now there are so many business networking clubs, you could be attending them almost 24 hours a day. You can business network online, and there are countless opportunities for indulging in social media to promote your business. But the challenge for so many business people is they do not know how to network effectively, offline or online, nor how to use social media to attract new business.

Here in The Rainmakers, both Bruce King and Chris Haycock have extensive experience in coaching business owners to network effectively, although each comes from slightly different viewpoints.

Bruce King's focus is on face to face networking, although much of what he teaches is equally relevant to online networking and he indulges in social media himself to promote The Rainmakers and his other business activities.

Bruce's content in The Rainmakers includes how to create your perfect elevator pitch, his unusual and effective way to respond to 'what do you do?' when asked at a networking event, no cost networking because many networking clubs are expensive to attend, and much more on face to face and social media networking.

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Some of the tutorials you'll have access to inside The Rainmakers:

Networking and Social Media
How to maintain a strong network while managing a day job
Networking and Social Media
7 Stages of Professional Relationships
Networking and Social Media
Power of Professional Relationships
Networking and Social Media
Your elevator pitch and why you must have one
Networking and Social Media
What to say when asked 'what you do?' when networking
Networking and Social Media
Do you forget people's names?
Networking and Social Media
No cost networking
Networking and Social Media
Turn social media contacts into real friends and associates
Networking and Social Media
Don't sell on social media - engage and attract
Networking and Social Media
Beware of what you post on social media
Networking and Social Media
How to shake hands and establish instant rapport

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