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Marketing Promotions

At some point in your business' life you'll no doubt be looking at ways to reach even more people, so that you can grow your sales and profits.

Luckily, there are so many different campaigns you can choose from, especially in today's digital world.

Whichever type of campaign you're thinking of running, whether it's a Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google, an affiliate programme, or a back-to-basics of marketing campaign such as a trade show, direct mailshot, or telemarketing, we'll show you how to get it right first time, right here on The Rainmakers.

With plenty of real-world experience and knowledge of running all different campaigns both traditional and digital, Chris shares his advice with you so you can bring in brand new customers and grow your business even further.

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Marketing Promotions
Interview with Jeff Frankling Dor2Dor
Marketing Promotions
Running successful trade show campaigns

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