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Market Research

What's the best thing you can do before running any type of marketing campaign to ensure that you are going to be successful?

That's right. Market research. OK, so it might not sound like the most exciting task in the world, but once you start understanding your target market, then the chances of success increase dramatically.

Why? Because by knowing your target inside out, you'll know what message will resonate with them. You'll understand their pain points, their motivations, and their concerns.

And the best part? You'll save a huge amount of time and money, simply because you'll be able to eliminate vast numbers of your audience who aren't actually interested in your product.

When you target everyone (because you haven't done any research), you're scattergunning for customers. That's like taking up archery with a blindfold - you're going to fail on most attempts.

Market research sounds like a complex task, but it's not - as long as you know what you're doing. Let Chris show you how to do your market research properly so that you target the best customers with pinpoint accuracy.

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Market Research
The checkerboard illusion
Market Research
Leapfrog your competition - by being nosey
Market Research
Buyer Mapping - the Secret to Massive Sales
Market Research
Buying cycles, and the four types of website visitor
Market Research
Understanding the Customer Journey
Market Research
Walk a day in your customer's shoes
Market Research
Introduction to market research
Market Research
Gathering information about your target market

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