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25 years ago we didn't realise what a massive impact digital media would have on marketing as a concept. What originally began as a niche area of marketing, digital has grown to almost eclipse other activities that we were so used to.

A quarter of a century later, and it's difficult to imagine marketing without the power of email, instant messaging, social media, fancy websites, landing pages and chatbots. Digital has revolutionised the way that businesses reach out and connect to consumers. We can reach them in the blink of an eye, and measure the results instantly, even if our target market is thousands of miles away.

There's no way we could have done that before digital landed on our desks.

Digital marketing is here to stay, and it's important for businesses big and small to use the power of the internet as a critical piece of the marketing jigsaw.

The Rainmakers are no stranger to digital. Resident expert Chris Haycock jumped onto the digital bandwagon right at the moment when the internet was still in its infancy; way before Google burst onto the scene.

With virtually no tutorials around at this time, Chris was forced to learn his digital skills by trial-and-error alone, and has failed more times than you can shake a stick at. But his persistance and thirst for knowledge paid off. Today, Chris owns a network of digital businesses which are now used by 1 in 7 of the UK population.

Chris was hired by a top-10 law firm in London, becoming one of the first in the industry to hold the job title "Webmaster". While most people in digital today have a small set of skills, this gave Chris a wide and far-reaching set of skills in all-things digital, from strategic planning, to design, to web development, SEO and online marketing.

This huge range of skills has become highly sought-after. Coupled with his experience in traditional marketing, this fusion of digital and traditional saw him hired in prestigious positions in dot-com startups and multinational companies alike.

Today, Chris mentors several business owners who want to tap into his unique set of digital skills to further their company's digital goals.

Chris' approach to teaching is to keep things simple and understandable. While many digital experts find it difficult to speak in plain layman's terms, for Chris it comes easy.

From email marketing strategies to SEO, landing pages to social media strategies, Chris will help you to grasp the power of digital for your own business, not just so you can understand it, but so you can put it into action to reach more customers, reduce your marketing overheads, and become more profitable.

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