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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

As with any game-changer, there are going to be questions before you go diving right in.

Let's try to answer any questions you may have with our FAQ section. If we haven't got an answer to your question, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer it right away.

The Rainmaker HQ

C/o CliqTo Ltd, 1 Brassey Road, Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury, SY3 7FA.

Direct Contact

Chris Haycock:
Bruce King:


There aren't any certificates awarded for completing tutorials, because much of what Bruce and Chris teach go way beyond standard curriculum levels. As you progress through The Rainmakers, you'll be assigned a score. For every segment of video watched, tutorial completed, or task finished, your Rainmakers score will increase, and you can opt in to our Hall of Fame, where we will award prizes and goodies to reward you for your efforts. The biggest prize, of course will be your bulging bank account.


No. You're free to cancel at any time. Whether you want to use The Rainmakers for a couple of months to brush up your skills, or carry on as part of our community indefinitely, that's completely up to you.


That'll never happen. Bruce and Chris will be recording and releasing new tutorials each month forever. Sales and marketing is a huge subject. We've got almost 5 decades of experience to share with you.


Bruce and Chris know that not everyone has the essential skills in Sales and Marketing to grow their business. So we built The Rainmakers - a platform where you can pick up valuable lessons, insights, tips, techniques and tools designed to help you pick up skills that every business owner needs.


Sales and marketing isn't just about watching videos, so we've included a whole host of other resources that accompany your membership, including downloads, white papers, cheatsheets, tools and guides.


No problem. Whilst we're confident that you'll pick up a massive array of sales & marketing skills whilst as a member of The Rainmakers, we understand that you may want to cancel. We offer a no-quibble guarantee that you can cancel your membership at any time - no questions asked. You can do this by simply cancelling your membership through our website. We promise we won't pester you.


Yes and no. Whilst you could use The Rainmakers as a course to learn sales and marketing, there's no specific curriculum to follow. Although you'll learn as much as (actually, much more than) a course, tutorials are split into categories, so you can dip in or out as much as you want at your own pace and leisure and focus on the topics you need the most help with at the time.

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