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Victoria Taylor

Customer Experience Consultant

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Hi, I'm Victoria Taylor

Victoria Taylor | The Rainmakers

Hello, I'm Victoria Taylor. I work with brands to make people matter; providing impactful, seamless and meaningful customer and employee experiences.

I've consulted boutique businesses, fortune 100 brands and everything in between for over a decade.

I can tell you that customer experience is not a one size fits all approach. CX is bespoke, but EVERY brand creates experience. If you're in business, you are responsible for your customers experiences with you.

The thing every brand has in common is that good customer experiences correlate to success. Without customers, you have no business.

Every one of us is in the customer experience business first and foremost. Secondary comes our business and what it can offer. Get the end to end experience right, the rest follows.

Whether B2C or B2B, in today's experience economy, to make your company stand out, you need to build seamless, exceptional and memorable customer experiences. This should be a top priority for businesses when it comes to differentiating in your market.

Associating the experience of a customer to a single part (or parts) of any brand is very limiting and many companies make this mistake. There isn't any one employee, leader or discipline that can fix or transform experience, Customer Experience should weave seamlessly though every part of your business. Everything within your business forms a part of your customers experience.

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