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What gets diarised gets done

What gets diarised gets done

Most of us have heard the expression 'what gets measured gets done'. It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.

But in my book, or rather diary in this case, what gets diarised gets done. And is so much more important if you don't have anyone to report to and keep you focused.

We all have ways of reminding ourselves to do things. There's To Do lists, post it notes, pop up reminders on cell phones and numerous other gadgets and no doubt you have several more of your own.

But they are just reminders, NOT commitments, and as you've no doubt experienced for yourself, very often they do not get done.

In spite of what many people think, I'm not the most self-disciplined of people, so I need a system that forces me to do things. It's my diary.

Everything I have to do goes in my diary with a date and time to do it. So, as you can see in the main picture above, from 06.30 to 07.30 is the time I commit to doing my social media posting.

The fact it is in my diary means it is as important to me as if I were meeting with an important customer, and nothing is going to get in the way of that.

Same goes for almost everything that's important for me to do. I make an appointment with myself to do it. In my diary. And it gets done.

Maybe that could work for you too?


Bruce King



Recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist, Bruce has more than 20 years experience addressing audiences and coaching companies sales teams, directors and managers in 23 countries.

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