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OK - So you're NOT in SALES

OK - So you're NOT in SALES

OK, so you're NOT in Sales

Which is why you are maybe not studying many, if any of the sales tutorials.

Well think again my super friends!

If you're in business you're in sales - end of story.

And aside from your work in your business or career, every one of the following activities involved selling:

- Applying for a job

- Asking someone for help

- Asking someone for a date

- Proposing marriage

- Raising your children

- Discussing which restaurant or film or holiday destination you would prefer

And I could add a thousand more to this list.

How about when you were a kid?

One of your very first sales involved you crying because you wanted feeding. You must have been very convincing because your parents probably rushed to feed you.

And as a kid, you were selling a lot of the time. Maybe you traded sports cards, played and swapped marbles (remember them?), bought or sold a bicycle, had a lemonade stand? Maybe you had sell your teacher on why it wasn't your fault you didn't do your homework, or couldn't stay later for detention, or ...........................?

Whatever you did as a kid, like most other kids, you were selling much of the time.

So, will we see you more often in sales tutorials? Selling skills will help in every aspect of you life, business and career.



Bruce King



Recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist, Bruce has more than 20 years experience addressing audiences and coaching companies sales teams, directors and managers in 23 countries.

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