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Charles Darwin and You

Charles Darwin and You

Are you achieving your sales target / quota?

How about your business and personal goals?

If you are - great!

Irrespective if you are or not, maybe it's time to reflect on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and on Charles Darwin's famous quote:

It's not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent who survives. But the ones most adaptable to change.

There is no questions about it; a great deal about business and sales has changed over the last few years and those changes are far too many to list in a short article.

And I know from my own experience that keeping up with all the changes can be somewhat overwhelming at times.

I also know from own my experience in sales, marketing and coaching others, that a great deal has not changed.

But much of what works has been forgotten by many, and the new strategies and methodologies for making sales have been ignored, often because of an overwhelm of new and sometimes contradictory information from so many different sources, and the lack of time to keep up with it all.

I also notice that many who do try to keep up with 'the new', do so in their selling time and therefore waste that most valuable time.

Here are just four basic but important tips on what to do to ensure the next three quarters are your best ever:

Stop doing what does not work

Do more of what does work

Use your selling time to sell! I know for a fact that the 'average' person working in sales wastes approximately 65% + of their valuable selling time.

And last but not least, add just ONE new selling skill to your sales armoury every day. All you could ever need is right here in The Rainmakers.

When you invest just fifteen minutes a day here, ideally first thing in the morning, and learn one new sales or marketing strategy/methodology a day, by the end of the next quarter, you will be well on your way to becoming a Rainmaker.


Bruce King



Recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist, Bruce has more than 20 years experience addressing audiences and coaching companies sales teams, directors and managers in 23 countries.

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