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A very powerful question to ask before making a sales proposal

A very powerful question to ask before making a sales proposal

When we hold a sales meeting we usually assume we have asked all the questions we needed to ask to have a really clear picture of the prospect's situation, how we can help them and propose a solution.

But there's very often something we didn't ask and the prospect failed to mention. And that could mean your proposal will not cover all their requirements and you won't make a sale.

Here's how to overcome this. Ask this POWerful question before considering making your proposal:

Is there anything else that I need to know that will help me and is important to you?

You will almost certainly get a response that will provide you with some more vital information to help you win the business.


Bruce King



Recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist, Bruce has more than 20 years experience addressing audiences and coaching companies sales teams, directors and managers in 23 countries.

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