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Staying motivated and productive working from home

If you're planning to return to a formal place of work and giving up on home working, this doesn't apply.

But if you're planning on continuing to work from home, then like a lot of people we know, you may have struggled and continue to struggle to stay motivated and productive.

One of our Members came up with a really unusual strategy to overcome his difficulties with home working.

James gets up every morning at the time he used to get up to travel to the…

Your best customers and new customers may be right under your nose

Want more business?

Start with your existing customers, because they've bought from you before.

They know and (hopefully) like and trust you. You already have a relationship with them, and so repeat business with them should always be at the forefront of your mind.

But what if you are already getting or have got as much business from them as possible.

How else could they help you in your drive for more business?

Here are a few suggestions:…

What are your best sales instruments?

The two best sales instruments you have in sales conversations are

One. Your voice.
Because how you sound, your tone, pace, pronunciation, passion etc., are the keys to influencing potential customers to buy from you.

Two. Your script.
YES, YOUR SCRIPT! Anthony Hopkins is…

There's no such thing as a stupid question - or is there?

Carl Sagan said 'There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question'.

And that's been phrased in many different ways, e.g.

'There is no such thing as a stupid question if it's sincere. Better to ask and risk appearing stupid than to continue on your ignorant way and make a stupid mistake'.

I've always agreed and en…

Do NOT use the word DISCOUNT when promoting an offer

It's perfectly OK to offer incentives to new customers, and even old ones who have stopped doing business with you, especially if they are going to be purchasing on an ongoing basis. BUT don't just use the word DISCOUNT. Neither would I just use SPECIAL OFFER. Without an explanation as to why you are making this offer, they both devalue your product or service in the prospect's minds.

Instead use terminology like LAUNCH OFFER, or TO CELEBRATE XXXX we're offering the first X number of c…

What's 'Snake Oil' got to do with your product or service?

A snake oil salesman was a common expression used to describe someone who deceives people in order to get money from them.

It's typically associated with the snake oil salesman in the Cowboy movies.

But here's what's really interesting. The term 'Snake Oil' comes from 19th-century Chinese railroad workers who used medicine made from 'Chinese water snakes'. And the stuff really worked! It was rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and very effective at treating a variety of…

Don't do that, do this instead...

A change of mindset when prospecting will help you sell so much more.

If you say or think this...

What I sell is amazing and everyone I talk to will want to buy from me.

The result will be you are going to be very disappointed and frequently feel rejected and less positive.

Instead, say or think this...

What I sell isn't going to be right for everyone. I'll do the best I can to reach out to many people and see if they're…

How to handle Brain Fog

Do you ever get stuck on a problem and the more you think about it, and the longer you sit at your desk, the foggier your brain gets, and the solution totally evades you?

It used to happen to me often, and then I found the solution.

Like everything we experience, it has a lot to do with 'context' and in this case the physical environment we are trying to solve the problem in is a powerful and influencing context.

So, if your problem-solving brain cells aren't working as w…

The fear your customer has of making a mistake

There are tutorials in The Club about how you can deal with your own fears, but let's look at fear from your prospect or customer's viewpoint.

The main fear they have is making the wrong decision! Let's face it, every buying decision is risky.

It may not fit, it could have been bought for less money elsewhere, their boss, their wife, husband or partner may not like it, it may not do what you said it would do; it may break down after a while, and the list goes on and on.


Why people buy and how to stop yourself being sold to

We all buy for emotional reasons, not logical reasons, although we'll often create logical reasons to justify our decision. And you've done this often.

For example, did you ever go out and buy or were sold a new pair of shoes when you had plenty already and your favourite pair just needed a good polish? But you bought a new pair because you just love new shoes, and they make you feel good, or the salesperson told you, you look great in them?

Maybe you justified your decision wit…

A very powerful question to ask before making a sales proposal

When we hold a sales meeting we usually assume we have asked all the questions we needed to ask to have a really clear picture of the prospect's situation, how we can help them and propose a solution.

But there's very often something we didn't ask and the prospect failed to mention. And that could mean your proposal will not cover all their requirements and you won't make a sale.

Here's how to overcome this. Ask this POWerful question before considering making y…

How do you deliver bad news?

If and when you have to deliver bad news, whether it's to customers or potential customers, suppliers, associates, employees, or family or friends, it should never be in writing, although you may have to confirm it later that way.

Written communication channels such as letters, emails, texts, messages etc., do not allow you to soften bad news with tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. And they most certainly do not allow you to deal with intense and negative reactions, b…

A game-changing question to ask yourself

Picture this situation.

You need more sales and more income, and you need them fast.

You have several meetings to follow up on to try and close more sales. And mostly what you are thinking about whilst preparing for the follow up calls is how to close the sale and get the money.


But that's wrong!

For two reasons.

1. Closing the sale and getting the money is what will be on your mind, and that will likely reflec…

Why you should smile a lot more

Why you should smile a lot more

When you smile, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine and other endorphins into your blood stream. These are natural chemicals produced by your body which make you feel so much happier, relaxed, more able to stay focused and positive.

Research in Canada found that the average four-year-old smiles four hundred times a day and when you watch a group of children for a while, you'll notice they appear to be rather happy. That's b…

More on raising your prices

On December 2nd last year, we published a blog post titled 'Should you be raising your prices?' Soon after, I received the following email from a Member.

I'm sharing this with you in case you feel it could work well for you too, although I must add that this does not meet my criteria of 'absoute honesty and transparency at all times'.  

Dear Bruce,

Let me tell you a story.

In 1971 I was working for my family's business. One morni…

Retail Sales and 'I'm just looking!'

If you're in the retail business, then I'm prepared to make a hefty wager that you've heard the words 'I'm just looking' many times when you first greet a potential customer.

I hope you don't get upset when you hear this. You've probably said it yourself many times when you've been shopping around, and so you know it's almost a natural and automatic response to a salesperson who's working the shop floor.

So, what can you do to disrupt this auto-response mechanism and establish s…

Rock your brand with Col Gray at Pixels Ink


Chris Haycock 0:10

So today we're talking about the fundamentals of great design, and the things that you nearly need to think about when you produce in your own designs for your market…

Success is an inside job

Success is an Inside Job

Published on December 17, 2020

Bruce King is interviewded by Alison O'Dornan

How Leaders get where they are!

As a part of our series about successful leaders inspiring the next generation, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bruce King, co-founder of The Rainmakers.

Bruce King is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist, and has addressed audiences and coached companies a…

The secrets of The Casino Effect

I might make you shake your head in disappointment, but I'm a fan of casinos. Once I'm sat at that roulette table, I'm glued to the seat, watching the ball spin around the wheel time after time until a) I win big - and force myself to walk away with a fat wallet, or b) I have no money left.

Psychologists call people like me addictive personalities, which sounds wonderful, but it's not as good as it sounds, trust me. We can get hooked on pretty much anything th…

OK - So you're NOT in SALES

OK, so you're NOT in Sales

Which is why you are maybe not studying many, if any of the sales tutorials.

Well think again my super friends!

If you're in business you're in sales - end of story.

And aside from your work in your business or career, every one of the following activities involved selling:

- Applying for a job

- Asking someone for help

- Asking someone for a date

- Proposing marriage

- …

Should you be raising your prices?

Here's 6 indications that you should think seriously about raising your prices:

You haven't raised your prices for two years or more

You charge about the same or less than your competition

Customers rarely if ever ask you for a discount

Nobody says NO because your price is too high

You've been thinking about raising your prices for quite a while

Most people are not interested in you (unless they want to sell you something)

The old saying 'you only get one chance to make a first impression' is so true and scientifically proven to be the case. So what if you don't?

But what if someone else was making a great first impression for you? I'll explain.

A couple of years ago I was at a networking event and spotted a very high-profile businessperson I wanted to meet.

He impolitely refused to get into a conversation with me.

A few minutes later I saw a good friend who just happened to be carry…

You need testimonials, but NOT about YOU!

There's no question about it, what others say about you is many times more powerful and convincing than anything you say about yourself.

I'm of course referring to TESTIMONIALS, also known as Social Proof, on your website, your marketing literature, in the footer of your email signature and wherever else you can put them. BUT, and it's a BIG BUT! 

Testimonials should not be just about YOU! People saying wonderful things about YOU may be great for your ego, but they don't ne…

Video backgrounds and authenticity

Do you hold meetings, carry out presentations, webinars or have conversations with prospects on Zoom or any other video meeting platform?

Do you put a 'fake' background behind you as in the picture above? Or the Houses of Parliament, Time Square, or just a lovely landscape scene, etc?

Unless your office happens to overlook the Golden Gate Bridge or the Houses of Parliament, or Times Square and people know it does, do you really think they believe the background is genuine?

Why the Native American Rain Dance worked every time

A lesson from the Native American Indians


The Native American rain dance worked EVERY time


BUT not because it was responded to by the spirits in the sky


It worked every time, without fail, because those who were dancing did not stop dancing until it started raining, no matter how long it took. They never gave up.


You up for that?


C'mon in more frequently and let's make it rain success toge…

What gets diarised gets done

Most of us have heard the expression 'what gets measured gets done'. It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.

But in my book, or rather diary in this case, what gets diarised gets done. And is so much more important if you don't have anyone to report to and keep you focused.

We all have ways of reminding ourselves to do things. There's To Do lists, post it notes, pop up reminders on c…

Repeat after me - 10X

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to commun…

Something to think very seriously about...

Most people do not realise they have the potential to achieve greatness.

And because they do not, they don’t commit the time, make the sacrifices, overcome their fears, experience the failures and keep to a plan long enough to become amongst the very best in the world; to become ‘world-class’ in their chosen field.

Most people just occasionally flirt with success instead of making a lifelong commitment to it.

But It’s…

In your time off, do you SELF-DESTRUCT or SELF-ENERGISE?

Joe works in a well-known plc as head of the customer services department. He does a 5-day week, Mondays through to Friday.

On Friday night, straight after work, he's down the pub with his colleagues and sinks a few pints and a few shorts before heading home. He crashes out for a few hours and then straightens himself out, heads off to one of his several nightclub haunts and parties until around one in the morning.

He sleeps in late on Saturday to get over his hangover, and then…

Charles Darwin and You

Are you achieving your sales target / quota?

How about your business and personal goals?

If you are - great!

Irrespective if you are or not, maybe it's time to reflect on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and on Charles Darwin's famous quote:

It's not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent who survives. But the ones most adaptable to change.

There is no questions about it; a great deal about busi…