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With almost half a century working in real-world Sales & Marketing positions, Bruce King and Chris Haycock have got a huge amount of superpowers at their disposal. Our goal is to share with you their skills, experience and knowledge to help you to double, triple or quadruple your sales and profits.

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Do you really know your WHY?

We all know why goal setting is so important and it's likely you have set some for 2022.

But unless you are totally clear WHY you want to achieve those goals, at the deepest levels of your consciousness, it's most unlikely you will achieve them.

Here's an exercise you can do which will help get your WHY deeply set into your conscious and unconscious mind and increase the likelihood of you achieving your goals very many times over.

It will take some time to carry this out,…

Don't get in your own way

Don't get in your own way

Here's just a few of very many ways we get in our own way, in no order of importance ...

Lack of confidence.

Lack of skills.

Lack of finance


Doubts we can achieve our goals

Blaming the economy

Blaming Covid

Blaming other people

Lack of focus

Lack of commitment

Unable to handle or fearful of failure

Too impatient for results

Insufficient m…

Door to door selling - B2B

Let me tell you about Selina and Door Selling B2B...

Selina was the daughter of a client of mine, just out of uni, and who I'd been coaching on a pro bono basis. Soon after our third session, she got a job at XXX Group as a salesperson. She had a few days excellent product training at their head office and then reported to her new sales manager.

What she was instructed to do horrified her. Instead of sitting in a comfortable office, calling people to sell print services over the…

Community advertising can save you money

If your business serves or sells only to your local community and you don't want or need to expand your marketing area, then focus on just marketing to your local community.

This will keep your marketing spend very low and, in many cases, it will be completely free.

Here's a few ideas for you for starters and no doubt you will come across many more.


Why you really should ask for referrals...

Most of the salespeople people who have worked with me, or I have coached, generate approximately 80% of their new business from referrals.

So much easier!

Here's (just a few reasons) why it's so important and effective:

- 73% of executives prefer to work with sales professionals referred by someone they know.

- 84% of buyers now start their buying process with a referral.

- Given the choice, if business buyers could only select one source for information on…

These will make you laugh - or groan...

The sales manager walked up on a telemarketing rep and caught him napping. "Hey!" the manager shouted. "Why aren't you working?" "Because I didn't see you coming."

A woman is undressing for a bath and while she's standing naked, there's a knock at the door. The woman calls, "Who is it?" A voice answers, "A blind salesman." The woman decides to get a thrill by having the blind man in the room while she's naked so she lets him in. The man walks in, looks straight at the woman and says, "…

Is this the (easy) way to make your fortune?

I'm just back from a 3-city speaking tour in Sweden and exhausted!

It wasn't speaking for 90 minutes a day that exhausted me, it was the travelling.

One suitcase and a laptop bag may not seem like a lot of luggage. But heaving them in and out of and between aeroplanes, taxis, trains and hotels so many times was totally exhausting.

But it could have been a lot worse!

The wheel was invented in the 4th century BC by we know not who.

Suitcases, …

Let's really confuse people - or let's not?'

Albert Einstein said: 'If you cannot explain something simply to a six-year-old, so they understand it, you don't understand it yourself.'

I'd add to that: If you cannot explain it to your Grannie ...."

So today I received the following email, product name disguised with XXXX:

We are an early stage startup committed to supporting organisations deliver a sustainable future, and have developed an end to end SaaS workplace platform called XXXX. Starting with an E…

How to speak and present in any situation with total confidence ...

I started public speaking over 25 years ago. It was at the insistence of the BBC who had just published my first book and wanted me to travel around the country promoting it. I was terrified!

So much so that I hired a speaking coach to help me learn how to present with confidence.

Here are three tips and the most valuable she gave me, and I know they will help you enormously whether you are speaking to a very small group or an audience of a thousand or more as I have done so man…

When the going gets really tough...

You've heard the expression: 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'.

But what do you do when it get so tough, you really struggle to get going.

My advice is to get a 'Goal Pal.'

When you have a partner, friend , business associate or indeed anyone who is also goal oriented, they'll help motivate you when you are down.

And it works both ways. When he or she isn't up to stuff, you will motivate them too.

If it's not tough for you right now, it will b…

Leadership and the Solopreneur...

There is so much written about leadership. But most solopreneurs don't consider themselves as leaders. Consider this...

These are some of the most important traits ne…

The Opportunity Of The Century


Here's why, and some interesting statistics. All from different and very reliable sources.

And these all relate to B2B sales because I'm sure I don't have to tell you that B2C online sales have rocketed.

- Buyers just don't want to meet with salespeople any more. Especially at the EARLY stages of a B2B purchase.

- 60% to 90% of the buying cycle or process is completed before a B2B buyer ever speaks…

Are you asking your customers these questions?

It is so very easy to make assumptions as to why people do business with you and base your business planning and sales & marketing strategies on those assumptions. The challenge is in the first three letters of the word ASSume. By making an ASSumption as to why people do business with us often makes an ASS of ourselves.

There are five questions you should be asking your customers on a fairly regular basis:

1. Why do you do b…

So you can't sell - or can you?

I think I was about 7 years old at the time.

I was trawling around a supermarket with my Dad, and we happened to wander through the toy section. And I spotted it! A big, green, fluorescent water pistol.

"Dad, can I have the water pistol please?" (Closing question)

The response was a simple and blunt NO! (Rejection)

"Please Dad, I really want that water pistol please!" (2nd Closing question)

The response was a much more emphatic NO! (2nd Rejection)


Tie Up Sales Using Sales Tie Downs

Sales Tie Downs are routine questions you ask a potential customer which enable you to ensure you are talking about the things that are valuable to them. They help turn a sales pitch into a two-way conversation, keep the tone of the conversation friendly, maintain excellent rapport and close sales faster.

Sales Tie Downs get your customer more engaged with you and saying 'yes' before the time comes for you to ask for the business and get the final yes. And if they say 'no' you have mor…

How To Negotiate Like a Hostage Negotiator

Highly trained hostage negotiators know how to get the very best outcome from their negotiations. So can you if you follow their strategies. Here's how they do it...

Step 1: They Listen Actively.

They don't interrupt the hostage taker and they don't disagree. They acknowledge what is being said (nodding and paraphrasing) and ask non-confrontational questions to show they have been listening.

Step 2: They Develop Empathy

They totall…


AUG 21

Be incredible!

Be incredible!

Whatever business you are running, and no matter how hard and smart you work at it, things will go wrong sometimes, or certainly not as well as you had planned for or wished for. When I'm working with a mastermind group, we discuss these situations and so often the business owner will blame someone or something else for their lack of success. Their excuses (not reasons) often include things like: The customer was unreasonable There was no solution to the problem Our product range was too smal…
Stories Sell - The Proof

Of the hundreds of sales and marketing tips and blogs I've published over the years, the following story has been read more than anything else I have written. It was published in 2017 and has been read over 500 times more than anything else I have written. The Monk's Story There once was a monastery that had very strict rules. The monks took a vow of silence and no one was allowed to speak at all. There was just one exception to this rule. Every year, the monks were permitted to speak just …
Don't make this deadly marketing mistake!

Not having a business card that clearly shows what you do and the benefit to the recipient is a terrible mistake.


A few days or so after attending or speaking at a networking event or business conference or I look through the all business cards I've collected and, for the life of me, I don't have a clue as to what most of the people I met do.


If your business name does not clearly indicate the precise nature of your business e.g. Tom Smith, Chartered …

 Do you exploit Snail Mail?

E-mail is fast, easy and cheap. But as a prospecting tool, it takes a huge amount of creativity and luck to even get your emails read by your prospects, let alone acted upon. Snail mail is so much more effective and really stands out because most people receive little or no snail mail at work. When they do receive snail mail, all research indicates that the open rate is almost 100%, especially if its thicker than a single sheet letter and some other simple creative techniques are used in the …
The POWER of silence when handling objections, concerns and stalls

Objections, concerns and stalls are to be expected when you are selling, and there's a big difference between all three.

But how do you know which one of the three is true?

For example, your prospect says, 'You're way too expensive!'

That could be an objection - they genuinely think your price is way too high.

Or it could be a concern. They may be wondering if they are going to get great value from making a purchase or if is just not good value for the money.

ABDOV: Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value

Your life and your business come alive when you devote yourself to service at the highest level of satisfaction to your customers. It's all about being outrageously helpful.

The person who helps the most will profit the most, not only not only in terms of your satisfaction levels but financially as well.

When you focus on the mission of 'how may I help the most people in the best possible ways' and when you begin to see yourself as the greatest value contributor, success, abunda…

The lesson of the £20 note

A speaker was presenting to an audience. He started off his presentation by holding up a £20 note and he asked, 'Who would like this £20 note?' Hands started going up.

Then he said, 'I am going to give this £20 to one of you but first, let me do this.'

He proceeded to crumple the £20 note up. He then asked, 'Who still wants it? Still the hands went up in the air.

'Well', he responded, 'What if I do this?' And he dropped it on the ground and started…

Make your value to your customer more clear

Make your value to your customer more clear

What you think is value to your customers is more often than not precisely what they would get from most of your competitors.

For example, things like, same-day shipping, online ordering, 12 month or even 5 years guarantees, prompt and courteous after sales service, to name but a few, are NOT values and most other suppliers will offer the same.

They are not values because they're expected and so are not incentives to buy from yo…

The POWER of silence when handling objections

Objections, concerns and stalls are to be expected when you are selling, and there's a big difference between all three.

But how do you know which one of the three is true?

For example, your prospect says, 'You're way too expensive!'

That could be an objection. They genuinely think your price is way too high.

Or it could be a concern. They may be wondering if they are going to get great value from making a purchase…

Do you use the  'Hope Marketing' strategy?

Hope marketing is all about hoping for the best and hoping the best will happen.

It's a very common marketing strategy used by far too many small business owners, and is one of the main reasons they remain small - or go broke.

Hope marketing doesn't necessarily mean you're not taking any action, but rather you are just trying things, giving them minimal attention, and hoping that any action you're taking is going to help you achieve your goals.

But the tr…

Do you ask prospects and customers for what you want?

Being very clear what you want from a prospect or customer might seem obvious, but it's not common practice.

There are two reasons why salespeople don't simply say what they want.

Firstly, they might be afraid of rejection, so they soften their language to minimize the chances of hearing 'NO'. If that's the case with you, go watch the tutorial titled 'What salespeople really get paid for'.

Secondly, and I find this horrifying, it's possible they don't kno…

Don't just tell them you're great. Tell them WHY you're so great

You saying your product or service is much better than your competitions isn't going to cut it. It's just not going to be enough to convince your prospects to buy from you.

You must always tell them the reasons why you're so great.

For example, so many people say 'we give great service'.

That means nothing. It's just bragging and in most cases, it's unbelievable.

But if you give the specific reasons and examples of why your service is so great, you…

Maybe you don't need a website either?

Many, if not most people starting in business, focus on getting their website perfect, setting up the office, their branding, designing logos, maybe hiring staff or subcontractors etc.

They're all valuable tasks - for the future, but what counts most right now is MAKING SALES.

It's only when you start selling that you'll see how well, or badly your approach and presentations work and what you need to do to improve them and make sales.

And of course, when you make sales, y…

2 Hot Telephone Sales & Marketing Tips!

These 2 tips really are going to help you get straight through to a decision maker on the telephone and make your pitch

Number 1

Call early in the day.

If you're calling mid-level executives and above, call between 07:00 and 08.30.

Yes, I mean it! They're usually in early and can't resist picking up the telephone.

You'll reach more decision makers in that hour and a half than you will during the rest of the day.