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Why the Native American Rain Dance worked every time

A lesson from the Native American Indians


The Native American rain dance worked EVERY time


BUT not because it was responded to by the spirits in the sky


It worked every time, without fail, because those who were dancing did not stop dancing until it started raining, no matter how long it took. They never gave up.


You up for that?


C'mon in more frequently and let's make it rain success toge…

What gets diarised gets done

Most of us have heard the expression 'what gets measured gets done'. It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.

But in my book, or rather diary in this case, what gets diarised gets done. And is so much more important if you don't have anyone to report to and keep you focused.

We all have ways of reminding ourselves to do things. There's To Do lists, post it notes, pop up reminders on c…

Repeat after me - 10X

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to communicate with one prospect 10 times
than 10 prospects just once

It is better to commun…

Something to think very seriously about...

Most people do not realise they have the potential to achieve greatness.

And because they do not, they don’t commit the time, make the sacrifices, overcome their fears, experience the failures and keep to a plan long enough to become amongst the very best in the world; to become ‘world-class’ in their chosen field.

Most people just occasionally flirt with success instead of making a lifelong commitment to it.

But It’s…

In your time off, do you SELF-DESTRUCT or SELF-ENERGISE?

Joe works in a well-known plc as head of the customer services department. He does a 5-day week, Mondays through to Friday.

On Friday night, straight after work, he's down the pub with his colleagues and sinks a few pints and a few shorts before heading home. He crashes out for a few hours and then straightens himself out, heads off to one of his several nightclub haunts and parties until around one in the morning.

He sleeps in late on Saturday to get over his hangover, and then…

Charles Darwin and You

Are you achieving your sales target / quota?

How about your business and personal goals?

If you are - great!

Irrespective if you are or not, maybe it's time to reflect on what you are doing, how you are doing it, and on Charles Darwin's famous quote:

It's not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent who survives. But the ones most adaptable to change.

There is no questions about it; a great deal about busi…

Do you settle for normal?

Earlier this week I had a three-way telephone conversation with my representative in India and the CEO of a major organisation employing a sales team of some 48,000 (not a typo) people including salespeople, sales managers and trainers. The purpose was to discuss if I could and how I might help them.

Here are a couple of the CEO's statements:

- We lose sixty per cent of our sales managers every year, but that is OK, it is normal for the industry.

- We ret…

Is today the perfect time to change the course of your life?

Of course you know, today is the first day of the rest of your life, as will be tomorrow and the day after. So, no matter how young or old you may be, no matter the circumstances in your life right now, what better time could there possibly be to make some significant changes in your journey than right now.

If you are thinking you are too old, consider this:

Nelson Mandela was a superstar in politics. But he did not become president of South Africa until he was seventy-four year…

Is your business card losing you business too?

Last year, before LOCKDOWN, I presented three keynote speeches in Scandinavia and collected most of the delegate's business cards - not one at a time..

During my return journey, I decided to look through them. There were eighteen hundred and fifty in total and three things really stood out for me:

1. Three hundred and ninety-four (21%) had only the most basic details on them and the company name gave no indication of what the business actually did. Neither were they brand names …


NOV 20

Become a SPY!

Become a SPY!

We all have competition in our businesses, and most of us have at least one company that represents outstanding competition and which we admire, respect and are maybe even jealous of their success.

So take a really close look at their business.  SPY on them!

Spy on their marketing - everything they do; social media, adverts, PR, direct marketing etc.

Spy on their website. The design, flow, features; every single page of it.

Call them up and ma…

There's one thing worse than poor customer service, and that's dreadful customer service.

Dreadful customer service is so common nowadays. And it's often delivered by large organisations who are run by so called very clever businesspeople who should know better. I bet you've experienced it too.

What even these smart people don't realise is that poor customer service costs them a lot of future sales.

So, how's your customer service?

There's been volumes written about how to deliver great customer service, how to document customer service proc…

Who's in your corner?

I've never met a hermit that built a great business, although I've met a few very wealthy businesspeople who became hermits after they'd made their fortunes.

Over the last 35 years I've built several businesses from scratch. Some were very successful indeed, and a few were total disasters!

The disasters were always those where I tried to do it totally alone.

The most successful ones became that way because I had someone in my corner, backing me up. Sometimes several peopl…

Why are most of Bruce King's tutorials so brief?

Many times a year, and for over twenty years, I'm asked by companies and conference organisers around the world to present my one day and two day 'Double Your Sales Master Class.' They're action packed, content rich, and inspiring.

And the few people who do put most of what I teach them into practice, do go on to double their sales  and often a great deal more!

But those few are the exception rather than the rule, because a one or two-day intensive program is not a great wa…

Do you really understand motivation?

Motivation is so often thought of as something you have done to you, or you do to yourself to get you moving, usually in the direction of achieving your goals.

But motivation comes from the word 'motive' (reason).

Your motivation comes from you motive,  'YOUR WHY', your reason for wanting to achieve your goals.

Doesn't that put a totally different light on it?

Without a WHY, no goal will be very inspiring or motivating.

And when you define your WHY; wha…

No replies to your voice-mail messages?

Everyone needs a bit of a laugh nowadays, so if your prospects are not returning your voice mail messages, try a bit of humour.

The following worked really well for me on several occasions this week and many of my calls were returned. Here's my message:

Hello (PROSPECT'S NAME) this is (YOUR NAME) with (YOUR COMPANY NAME). I've tried to reach you a few times but haven't heard back from you. Not sure if you've been abducted by aliens or have entered the witness protect…

When things go 'POW' in the night

Do you ever wake up in the night with a great idea, and forget it by the morning?

It happened to me frequently. Brilliant ideas that solved a current challenge came to me in that state of 'half sleep', and I said to myself that I must remember them in the morning. But I never did!

Then a few years ago I started to keep a notepad and pen on the bedside table and wrote them down when they came to me. 'POW' - problem solved.

The only remaining problem is that I can only read…

Don't be afraid to take risks when selling!

Salespeople are usually more likely to take risks than people in most other professions, but I still find many are risk averse.

This is an example of what I mean: Salespeople often avoid taking risks with prospects. They're scared of spoiling the opportunity. But the most successful salespeople are good at closing the sale precisely because they're OK with taking risks with prospects.

When a prospect seems uninterested, most salespeople just carry on with their presentation, eve…

A simple and effective way to boost your immune system

What many people do not know about me is that before I started my career in sales, for several years I was very involved in complimentary medicine,  alternative medicine as it was known in those days.

I qualified as a nutritional therapist and acupuncturist and studied and was deeply involved in various more esoteric practices around the subject of how to use the power of the mind to help control or cure various medical problems. These were so successful that I adapted and continu…

Celebrate failure. It happens for a reason

Let's face it, some business ideas are a dud.

You try, try, try and try some more until you think you've exhausted every single opportunity.

And then - because you've invested so much time and effort - you'll try even more, knowing that your efforts are probably going to be futile.

You'll probably say something like, dammit, I've got this far, I need to keep going.

Out of the 30+ online businesses that I've launched over the years, not many of them have been profit…

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Albert Einstein said: 'Success is 80% attitude and 20% skills'

Woody Allen said: 'Success is 80% showing up' which of course takes attitude

And here's a practical example of the importance of attitude:

Many years ago, two salesmen from two different companies were sent to an African country with instructions to sell the sandals they made.

After 48 hours, the first salesman telephoned his company and said to his boss: 'Boss, this is a total and utter was…


NOV 20

Say YES!

Say YES!

Nobody ever made any money or achieved anything in their lives or careers by saying NO to something.

Of course, you may have saved yourself time and money on many occasions but you never MADE any money by saying NO.

Here are just three of many things you should almost always say YES to.

Say YES to an offer of help

As much as we may think we might, none of us know everything and can handle everything immediately and perfectly. When help is offered…

Are you too busy to meditate? Do you even know how?

Millions of business people and of course people from all walks of life, take up the practice of meditation, and almost all benefit from it, often massively.

Yet in spite of the benefits they experience, it is only a matter of time before meditation becomes one more thing they just don't have time for, almost a chore. And they stop!

I had the same challenge when I first started meditating, in spite of the fact I knew how much it helped me in so many aspects of my life and busine…

You're only cheating yourself

When I was in Junior School many years ago, one of the teachers used a phrase to castigate any children who were not putting in sufficient effort or, worse still, cheating at the tests we were given.

She would say: You are not cheating the school; you are cheating yourself!

During your working day, are really giving 100% to achieving your business and personal goals?

Are you learning more and more every day about sales and marketing strategies to…

It's not your fault

In 1997, Matt Damon and Robin William's movie Good Will Hunting hit our cinema screens. This brilliant movie made us laugh, cry, and above all else, one of the most poignant scenes in cinematic history ingrained into our memories one little phrase:

It's not your fault

It doesn't make us laugh, it makes us feel. After all, we all want to be reassured it wasn't or isn't our fault.

Fast forward to 2020

So many of the salespeople and s…


NOV 20



NO, not a spelling mistake! I would not dream of asking you that question if it was spelt the way you thought it might have been. But hopefully it grabbed your attention.

In fact, I came across this actual typo in a novel I was reading (not pornographic) and it got me thinking about some people I coach and have coached in the past.

When I first start working with them, they use phrases like:

Good idea, I MUST do that every morning

Thanks Bruce, I MUST have a 'to do…

What is wrong with this photograph?

This is a photograph of someone having a session on the telephone to make appointments with prospective customers. Pretend they're real. What is wrong with this photograph?  Think about it, then read on...


Answer: They are not using a telephone headset.

I still visit companies where those people who must make appointments with prospects, sell over telephone or carry out customer service calls and other customer focused activities are using a t…

A Masterclass in Copywriting

I'd much rather be talking about small businesses, but this ad from Burger King is a masterpiece in copywriting.

It is a perfect demonstration of how it's possible to create goodwill and a sense of community within the market by talking about your competition - not in the usual denigrating way, but in a collaborative way.

Putting aside the cynic in me (it may appear that they've sneakily gained the upper hand by taking the moral high ground), I think it's incredibly well written…

How to sell more of ANYTHING online

As a conversion specialist and business owner who sells products online, here are some tips to sell more products online:

  1. Product descriptions need to *sizzle*. Sell the benefits, highlight the features, and add some personality to the descriptions. People process information best in story form.
  2. Make it easy to buy. Don't ask for information you don't need, like your aunt's shoe size. Streamline the checkout process.
  3. Users are in a flow state, so break up t…
Why you SHOULDN'T send out 'Like' invites

So you've set up a new Facebook page, and your mouse is hovering over all the 'Invite xxx to like this page' button.

Should you do it?

It is great to be surrounded by supportive followers, even if they're just doing you a favour - but are never going to become a customer.


From a marketing perspective it's vital to first and foremost concentrate your efforts into connecting with people who make up your target market.

Having vanity followers an…

Anatomy of a successful advert

Most businesses advertise in one way or another - local newspapers, radio, Facebook, Google Ads, flyers, exhibitions etc.

But getting noticed is another thing.

Luckily, there's a simple formula that you can follow that does most of the hard work. Tick these off and you're 75% there. The rest is down to a little creativity, personality, and storytelling.

The formula is called AIDA: attention, interest, desire, action.

Here's the formula. Apply it to…