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Public Relations

Public relations (or PR as many call it) is a marketer's nightmare. Writing press releases, approaching journos and tackling editors can be a real minefield.

No wonder that many small businesses shy away from using PR as part of their overall marketing strategy. It can be a pretty scary prospect, but if you get it just right, PR can be explosive for your business.

But look beneath that fear, and it's very easy to approach journalists with a fantastic angle on a story that's picked up by specialist trade magazines, periodicals, regional press, the tabloids, and even the much-coveted broadsheets.

All you need is the skills and inside knowledge of how to write a press release and the best way to distribute it to maximum effect.

Chris has plenty of experience getting valuable exposure in all types of print media, including news and features in The Times, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and lots of local newspapers.

He shares his techniques and advice right here inside The Rainmakers.

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Public Relations
Introduction to public relations (PR)
Public Relations
Creating the perfect press release

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