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Launch Strategies

One thing that is rarely taught in marketing circles is how to launch a business, product or service in the most effective way.

And to be honest, that's why most business owners just open up their doors to a new product and wonder why there's absolutely zero interest.

The process of launch takes place far in advance of the actual date you decide to make your audience aware of your new product. It's a process of discovery, research and awareness long before you throw open the doors.

Chris will show you some incredibly effective launch strategies that ensure a flood of customers once you're ready for 'prime time'.

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Launch Strategies
My personal launch strategy
Launch Strategies
Getting listed in business directories
Launch Strategies
Advertising your new business
Launch Strategies
Introduction to launch strategies
Launch Strategies
Crush the Competition by Innovating
Launch Strategies
Collaboration - the Key to Future Success and Growth
Launch Strategies
Bootstrap a New Business Launch for just 50 Quid

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