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Chris Haycock

Marketing Strategist

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Hi, I'm Chris Haycock

Chris Haycock is the founder of CliqTo Media, and the brains behind successful online brands such as ZoomLocal, BritEvents, GDPRQuick, and StartPad.

An expert marketer with more than 20 years experience, Chris shares his secrets, techniques, and skills with The Rainmakers.

Chris Haycock is the founder of CliqTo Media, and the brains behind successful online brands such as ZoomLocal, BritEvents, GDPRQuick, and StartPad.

From homelessness to successful business owner

Long before building his business, in an adventure resembling the tale of Dick Whittington, Chris took off to the big smoke in 1994 to seek his fortune, but ended up homeless on the cold streets of London.

Almost destitute, Chris made his way back into society through sheer hard work and dedication, and learning many life lessons in the process.

Restarting his career as a waiter, Chris rose through the ranks to become the manager of a 4-star hotel where he unwittingly stumbled across marketing and advertising. He was hooked.

The rise of the marketer

Almost instantly, he knew that marketing was his future, and he started again at the bottom of the ladder as a marketing trainee at a corporate hospitality company, soaking up every bit of marketing knowledge as he could.

Throughout his career in marketing, Chris worked in a wide range of industries, from small startups to multinational companies including Orange, and a top law firm in London.

Going it alone

Realising he had a flair for digital marketing, Chris took a leap of faith and set up his own company in 2011. He continues to build innovative websites and today his portfolio consists of 30-40 profitable websites that have been built from scratch.

Today, he shares his knowledge of digital marketing through a series of courses, seminars and books, and offers mentoring services for those looking to start or grow their business.

As well as building and helping businesses, Chris can also be found 3,000ft in the sky, having passed his pilots licence in 2017.

What you'll learn from Chris

Marketing StrategyOnline MarketingSEOConversion OptimisationSocial MediaWeb DevelopmentTraditional Marketing

Chris's Tutorials

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